The Doyel Pakhir Ganer Katha¬†or ‘Robin-Magpie’s Songbook’ is an album featuring seven songs from the Bangladeshi War of Independence of 1971. These beautiful songs of liberation are sung anew by Aseer Arman, Boga Taleb, Sahana Bajpaie, Samantak Sinha, Sohini Alam, and the Year 4 students of Manorfield Primary School in Tower Hamlets, and arranged with rich instrumentation from around the world – dotara, daf, oud, guitar, banjo and more.

The album is being produced by Global Music Academy director Georgie Pope along with her husband, the writer and academic Somnath Batabyal.

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  1. O Buri Ganga Nadire (Sohini Alam, UK x Bangladesh)
  2. Aakash Kande Batas Kande (Sahana Bajpaie, W Bengal)
  3. O Mor Banglare (Samantak Sinha, W Bengal)
  4. Ebaar Uthechhey Mahajhar (By the students of Manorfield Primary School, UK, and Khiyo)
  5. Hazar Bachhor Parey (Sahana Bajpaie, W Bengal)
  6. Tora Dekh Asiya Re (Boga Taleb, Bangladesh)
  7. Shono Ekti Mujiburer (Aseer Arman, Bangladesh)