We produce lesson plans, including videos, worksheets and quizzes to help teachers introduce their classes to music from India, Russia, China, West Africa, the Middle East, Bangladesh, Roma communities and Yiddish traditions.

All Global Music Academy musicians are based in London. To request resources, book assemblies, workshops and online sessions, email georgiepope@globalmusic.academy

This project is being made possible by funding from Arts Council England.

An introduction to Kathak, a classical dance from India with Parbati Chaudhury

Learn to sing and play a Cuban song with Elpidio Alegria

Sing a Bengali song with Sohini Alam and find out about the music of Bangladesh and West Bengal

An introduction to music from the Middle East, by Saied Silbak

A glimpse into Chinese music, with Reylon Yount

Learn about Russian songs and choral harmony with Polina Shepherd